The Age of Empires

The Age of Empires is an age of broad destruction. Enormous military campaigns blast landscape and open new passes through mountains. Terror is used by many as a means of control. Most terrifying, possibly, are Richtal and the Twice-Blood King.

Age of Empires (AE)- The nations of the world begin truly continent-spanning wars.

1 AE- Delgantha has first Day of Seven on 1 Atholmonth. Start of common new year.

8 AE- Aynright builds military, makes pact with giants and ogres. Lord Ayn blesses strategic build-up.

15 AE- Aynright invades all surrounding lands.

18 AE- Aynright controls from Kysto river to Shirrust Mountains.

20 AE- Order of Seven rises up. Pushes Aynright into mountain range. Neverwinter Pass established to contain Aynright.

54 AE- Selarik conquers south half of continent.

132 AE- Selarik mages blast through Eastshore mountains to attack refugees.

135 AE- As word spreads of Blasted Pass, outer regions fall off.

140 AE- Knights Selarik march west to pacify region.

142 AE- Selarik takes current size as pacifying knights defect.

143-708 AE- Relative peace.

708 AE- Kelind Bruka Kingdom spreads north to take over western coast. Stops at Delgantha.

712 AE- Lord Ambrose du’Kelind the Pious announces intention to approach the Gods to be included among them. Starts campaign east.

718 AE- Expansion stops at Aynright mountains. At city of Vision demands that Prophet’s priests crown him Emperor of Bolkor and Most Holy Deity of Piety. Priests refuse. Lord Ambrose attacks Vision with dragons. Half of city crashes, destroyed.

725 AE- Ambrose fends off many assassins. Calls upon divine power to force others to submit. Gods raise armies in Delgantha, [[St. Erin’s Inheritance]], and Tsalgeesis to bring down much of Empire.

730 AE- Fields of Brukal all that remain of Ambrose’s empire. Ambrose curses the Gods for defying him. Gods destroy Fields of Brukal. Becomes Fields of Lament.

803 AE- Kathrick Empire takes coastland east of Eastshore Mountains.

816 AE- Kathrick Empire expands north to Green Sea to threaten Aynright.

818 AE- Truce between Kathrick Empire and Aynright.

844 AE- Much of the Peaked Peninsulas controlled by Kathrick Empire.

860 AE- Kathrick Empire threatens Cleanland Isle. Offends Yrysgonde. Sends priests and creatures to attack.

871 AE- Kathrick Empire takes current shape.

1005 AE- Goblins, giants, gnolls, orcs, and others come from all the mountains, hills, and wildernesses to assault all free lands.

1008 AE- Savage humanoids found to be ruled by a great wyrm half-red/half-black dragon.

1361 AE- War against dragon is at its most costly. Much of the land is burned, destroyed, and useless. Lair is discovered. Group is formed to infiltrate and kill dragon.

1370 AE- Group finally gets in, defeats dragon. They cannot kill it but lock it away. Cults of the Twice Blood King remain to free the dragon.

1371 AE- End of The Age of Empires declared. Begin The Age of Healing.

The Age of Empires

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