The Age of Healing

In this age the continent is calming down after the wars between the empires and the broad destruction of the Twice Blood King. Druids and healers become more common as the general populace desires to see the world restored to its former glory.

Age of Healing (AH)- The people of Bolkor begin to repair the damage done by the Twice Blood King.

1 AH- Drelum and Melias found first druidic circles.

8 AH- Druids grow in power to repair damage done by the Twice Blood King.

78 AH- Drelum claims Drelum’s Expanse for his own.

238 AH- Cuuth Kel Irik becomes king of Irik Principality. Makes oath never to abuse the poor, “or Morcath himself may deal with me.”

241 AH- Cuuth breaks vow and Morcath makes him a lich. Irik becomes Morcal Principality.

287 AH- Magocracy established in Elos.

411 AH- Goldfield Confederacy unites against Morcal Principality for protection.

500 AH- Alira established in separating from the Goldfield Confederacy.

504 AH- Archers Divine established.

517 AH- Merchants of the Eight Homes treaty and charter signed.

603 AH- Fjoklish cedes from surrounding nations.

640 AH- Present day. Much land is repaired. Ancient secrets have been lost, new mysteries are being founded.

The Age of Healing

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