The Age of Nations

At this time people begin to get truly greedy. They expand their territory into that of their neighboring city-states. Some gods encourage this, others despise it, even if they have the same alignment.

Age of Nations (AN)- Rulers learn they can control more than one city.

15 AN- Delgantha expands territory to more than one city.

95 AN- Others begin to claim nearby territory, establishment of borders.

157 AN- Goblin raiders begin testing borders of other nations. First national war. Goblins run out.

354 AN- Halflings attack Delgantha. Strongly defeated by Delganthan military. Fly colorless flag to declare lack of nationhood. White becomes flag of truce/surrender. Peace talks established.

628 AN- Hobgoblins first to use dragons in combat.

675 AN- Hobgoblins finally stopped and pushed back to original lands.

864 AN- First siege by elves vs. goblins. Success leads to others attempting same tactics.

890 AN- Abrim sails south around coast. Maps the entire southern coast. First major successful exploration voyage.

933 AN- Ogres try to siege dwarven mountain homes.

965 AN- Ogre tribes forget they are sieging dwarves and attack other lands.

1231 AN- Delgantha expands to both east and west coast. South continent concerned and prepares for war with Delgantha.

1233 AN- Richtal becomes Lord of Delgantha. Uses magic and mundane to conquer south.

1239 AN- Richtal finished taking south.

1286 AN- Richtal’s empire falls to rebellion and outer regions declare independence. Richtal strikes back harder, rebel lands reclaimed.

1290 AN- Oath Council held. Seven knights chosen, all swear an oath by [[St. Erin]], Magistrate Gellin, and Stugavitch that they would seek out a means to defeat Richtal with the guidance of Prophet.

1292 AN- Oath Council meets again, each of the seven bearing a magical sword. They attack Delgantha.

1310 AN- Delgantha’s military driven out of most lands. Richtal retreats to secret, private keep.

1315 AN- Richtal’s army rebuilt in secret. Seven go to hidden tower and defeat Richtal. Delgantha’s government reorganized. Seven Swords scattered and hidden. Ushers in The Age of Empires.

The Age of Nations

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