True Good

“True Good” is the term used in the world of GodsOath that describes what is most truly beneficial for all things, divine and mundane. The original five gods disagreed on this, themselves.

One god believed that the True Good was constant acts of altruism and benevolence. This god wanted to be a builder. It has the goal of building great things cooperatively. This does not mean no destruction, but only appropriate destruction when necessary. The other four gods said that this god stole the term “good” from any other possibly using it.

This one’s opposite chose the title “evil” to declare its annoyance with its rival. This god’s precepts are of selfishness and dominance. Being the only thinking thing in existence, controlling one’s own body, is the final goal of this perspective.

Another, whose goal was order, took on the term “law.” Its goal is control of all things, uncaring for whether or not things must be built or destroyed in the process. For everything to be in complete and logical organization is an ideal world, with proper place and appropriate hierarchy.

Fourthly, as the counter to law, came “chaos.” Chaos wants absolute entropy. Disorganization, randomness, and confusion are the goals. Construction and destruction mean nothing as long as nothing involves forethought. For this god, whim controls.

Finally was “neutrality,” the balancing point between all of them. This perspective believes that there is a time for building and a time for destroying, a place for order and a place for whim. It was this god who suggested they all take the oath and test each of their theories instead of squabbling amongst each other and getting nowhere with it.

As the five blended and split during the creation of the world they blended and split their alignments, as well. Thus there are gods of all combinations of alignments.

True Good

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